Cloud Computing Session 03: Negotiating

4 décembre 2015

Presentation Part 1

Workbook: Negotiating a salary

From spending cuts and coalition politics to the Israel-Palestine talks, it's hard to escape from negotiations these days. But according to Stuart Diamond, the Pulitzer prize-winning journalist, university lecturer and former adviser to the UN, it's not just the movers and shakers of this world who should be focusing on how to negotiate, it's all of us.

"Everyone instinctively wants to get more," he says. "It doesn't have to be more for me and less for you. It just has to be, well, more." Now Diamond has turned his idea into a new book which shows us how to get what we want in a bewildering array of scenarios.

For example: a couple tries to board a plane after the gate has closed. They stand at the window and catch the pilot's eye, pulling long faces. It works; the pilot feels sorry for them, and instructs the ground crew to let them on. "Without uttering a word, they got through to the decision-maker," Diamond explains. "They focused on their goals, not the rights and wrongs. They made human contact, and encouraged the pilot to use his authority to help them." Read the full article


The Language of Negotiations

Talking about conditions

If you agree to increase the number of colours, I will lower the price per item
If you deliver within two weeks, we will double our order

Asking for clarification

Sorry I’m not quite with you.
Could you give me a concrete example of what that means, please?

Asking for confirmation

So basically, what you would like us to do is …, right?
Could you please confirm that I have understood this correctly?

Clearing up misunderstandings

With all due respect (name), the information is wrong.
Sorry, that isn’t quite right, what I said is, we will have to …

Showing partial agreement

I agree with you up to a point but …
I take your point. However, it seems to me that …

Making proposals

Let’s split the difference
Can we all agree that …?


You cannot be serious
With all due respect (name), I don’t think your proposal …

Reassuring the negotiation partner

We do understand your concern and take it very seriously.
It’s a deal!

Rephrasing a point/checking

I’d like to recap the main points.
In other words …


You don't think about that problem before?
Maybe you should say us what you want and we can propose what is good for them.
There is a lot of things to do for example.
We can offer you an enterprise loan
One dot five percent is not enough
It’s a good idea but I never think about this
They can come in France with this house, and we need five house.
We want to hire someone who will looking for their house every week
Mr x will come alone
We have the ability to help us have a scholarship
I am not sure it is egual to 50% of the school fee
What to you sink about moving house and the six first months when they arrive?
To bring their furniture in France
We can propose you something else
We can guarantee them to be at the top of the list
They come from Peru and there life will be changed when they arrive back in France
They can have a little increase in their salary when they will arrive back in France.
We want that you give some increase of salary
If we say them that this will happen in four years….
It seems that we are not agree
We will say you everything we want
Can we decrease to one years? You are agree?
They need time for arrive in France
We are in a big company and they stay six months in Peru



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