To blog is to be

"The first lesson in blog writing is: be authentic. Whether you are reporting the news, writing an instructive article or even pure opinion, be clear and be you!"

- Keryl Allahdua, 'Writing For the Web' Montpellier 2016

Thank you, thank you very much! And it's good advice, if I do say so myself. So that's the challenge I issued to Magdalena and her classmates this past January. They're learning to write blogs in English and as simple as it sounds, its hard to define what 'authenic' is. So to egg them on, I decided to have them take the MBTI. It's a personality-type indicator often used for team building and recruitment. It's famous for being used by 89% of Fortune 100 companies, to assess individual character types. In other words, it's not just any old 'personality test'!

And so, without further ado, here's Magdalena's impressions of the test, as written for her blog:

Berlin to Montpellier

28 janvier 2016

Ich kann nicht sprechen Deutsch! That was my one and only phrase I needed to know in German (I can not speak German). All-but-one responded to me in English after that, from the bus driver to the sweet shop man.

Berlin, like many cosmopolitan cities, can speak English as a second language very well.  During my 4 days in Berlin I stayed with German friends and we often had dinner together but they only spoke English when I was around. Of course I felt guilty as I was the only non-native German speaker but out of politeness everyone changed to English.  There were different levels of ability but all 8 people were able to hold conversations easily. So why do the my German friends speak English so well?

Keep your friends close, and your false friends even closer

Here's an imagined conversation between two girls, Marie and Elise:

Elise: Regard Marie! Isn't that your ancient patron, over there? I think he just blessed himself on those stairs!

Marie: Oh, you're right it's him! He's the one who licensed me because I came to work in baskets!

Elise: Yes, I remember you wrote a song about it injuring him in all the paroles!

Marie: Attention Elise, you know how sensible I am about that song and those souvenirs. It was such a rude period for me!

Elise: Well you must be content to see him blessed!

Marie: To be honest I have secretly envied it since I quit the office.

An English speaker hearing this would be completely lost, while some French students might be thinking "finally a sentence I understand!"

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